About us


Life is too short to wear boring shoes

Tired of the same old sneaker? so were we!

Klasified defines fashion in a whole new brand and style. We specialize in footwear that provides you with unique and surpisingly comfortable design while allowing for your true personality to shine through (literally). We offer uniqueness in our footwear design and we believe that's what makes you stand out. Klasified believes that footwear can never be overlooked.

Klasified’s inspirational approach to style and fashion come through a passion for being unique without breaking the bank. Our team specializes in designing shoes that are customizable, durable, catchy yet simple and comfortable.

Yes, we take feet VERY seriously!

The Klasified vision is to allow people from all different walks of life to have a chance to express thier unique styles and personalities through the shoes that they wear. Or what they wear underneath it to be more precise!

We decided to include additional lace colors with every purchase so that everyone can expirement with the different looks this one Klasified sneaker can offer you! Whether it is by changing the lace color or simply just changing the socks that you rock inside the shoe, You can rest assured that your look truley is a unique one.

Theeasy-to-clean feature of Klasified’s shoe is also one of the major reasons why people love wearing them so much. Klasified knows the secret behind dirt or stain removal, and it is one of the things considered in our designs and fabrics. In most cases, simply using a wet towel will be more than enough to get these sneakers looking brand new again.

We all know that traditionally high fashion does not translate into high comfort, and that is why our team also put in much effort in the flexibility of the shoes that allows you to walk freely with all sense of reliability and trust in what you wear. Translation: These sneakers are actually comfortable!!

Join the Klasified team and show the world your true colors!